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Best Free Cloud Storage

Storage used to be a hardware issue: you need more storage, you buy a new hard drive. However all that changed with the advent of online, or cloud, storage.

These days, digital storage for many businesses is best being cloud based. Online cloud storage is free/cheap, accessible anywhere and on any device and, since you don’t have to manage hardware redundancy or backups yourself, it’s much more reliable.

Data held on the cloud is also inherently easier to share and use. OK there might be concerns about data security, but for the startup and smaller business, we’d say the cost and usefulness of cloud storage makes it the best bet.

So where do you turn?

Let’s start with Google. Their Google Drive is great, allows you to access your storage on lots of devices and gives a free 15Gb of storage. It’s ok for business users too. Ditto Dropbox, the market leader which offers 2Gb of free storage – while Box is great for sharing stuff with colleagues and comes with 5Gb of free storage. And of course Microsoft offer OneDrive with 15Gb free storage and works across devices.

Mediafire gives 10Gb free in the basic, free account. Shared gives 100Gb, but uses your Facebook user/pass to give you access (which may or may not be a problem for you?). Surdoc also gives 100Gb and is great if you’re after backing up data because it has an auto-backup feature for Windows users – though the free version limits you to 10Mb file sizes (cunning devils!).

Best Cloud Storage up to 100Gb that Costs a Bit

All the above are great but if you’re a business user who needs more storage or needs to store larger files, then you can get lots of storage for not much money with these:

Best is Mediafire where you can have a pro version with 100Gb at $2.49 a month. Google Drive is happy for everyone to have a free account, but if you want more than their basic 15Gb, you can get 100Gb for $4.99 a month. Dropbox Pro is $99 a year for 100Gb and Box Starter is £3.50 per user per month with 100Gb storage. Surdoc‘s unlimited version is $8.33 a month.

Best Cloud Storage over 100Gb

Shared has a pro version with 1Tb of storage for $9.95 a month. Box will charge you £11 per user per month for their 1Tb storage, but best of all is Surdoc which will give you unlimited (yes unlimited!) storage for $8.33 per month.


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