Best Free Firewalls

Firewall software protects your computer, tablet or phone by monitoring the data coming in and out of your device to ensure nothing nasty gets in.

It’s important that all your devices have up to date firewall and antivirus software installed and working at all times. And while the software that comes in-built with your hardware will often do an adequate job, there’s a couple of problems.

First, adequate might not be quite good enough to protect you from the latest threats. Second, after an introductory free period, they’ll often quickly start to charge. Obviously you don’t want to pay, and the good news is there’s no need as there are some excellent free firewalls around.

Here, we look at the best free firewalls for your business PC or Mac.

Best Free PC Firewalls

Zonealarm is probably the best-known free firewall available for the PC. It is simple to install and widely regarded as offering good quality protection.

Another well-regarded, back to basics free firewall is Privatefirewall. It allows you to control access to your computer from websites and gives secure access to trusted programs while working silently in the background.

Free Mac/OSX Firewalls

Macs usually come with their in-built firewall software turned off.  Which is weird because Macs are prone to hack attacks too. Go into ‘system preferences > security & privacy’ to check if your firewall’s on or off (and turn it on).

The only other popular firewall for the Mac is Murus. The lite version is free for personal and business use and has a simple interface which is relatively easy to configure.

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