Best Free Web Hosting

Amazingly, there are places that will host your website for free. The following sites offer free web hosting for ever with no strings attached. To make the most of the hosting you’ll also need your own domain and a content management system such as WordPress to help you create content. See our websites page for more details.

Free web hosting

FreeHostia have been offering their free ‘Chocolate’ hosting package for a number of years, which includes simple scripts to install WordPress and Joomla site installations (see websites). It also includes 250Mb of site space and 6Gb of monthly traffic. 000Webhost offers 1.5Gb of space and 100Gb of monthly traffic in their free hosting account together with 2 SQL databases. 5Gbfree offers MySQL databases, PHP and cPanel accounts with 5Gb of free webspace and 20 GB of monthly traffic bandwidth in their free account. Finally, Freehosting gives 10Gb of space, 250Gb of traffic bandwidth along with cPanel admin interface on their free website plan.

Best (cheapest) web hosting

Of course, when you get more serious about your website, your focus will probably move from free hosting to ensuring you have a dependable, robust web host that guarantees server up-time. Here are some web hosts you might want to consider which, though amongst the cheapest, are known for providing good quality hosting and support.

Zyma offers excellent support and 99.9% server up-time. And if you’re looking to install a WordPress site, they’ll do it for you for free.  Name offers a low-cost hosting package that allows unlimited websites, databases, disk space and bandwidth and has a good reputation. JustHost is a web host that is known to be very reliable and offers excellent support. Their pricing is very low too, with competitive deals that include a free domain name and unlimited bandwidth.

If you have created a free website using something like, you can often convert it to your own website domain name and carry on having WordPress host your site for a small fee.

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