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There’s some great free mass/bulk emailing software out there. MailChimp is probably the best for small businesses wanting to try out bulk emailing for the first time. If you send to fewer than 2000 addresses and less than 12000 emails a month, it’s totally free forever. Can’t say fairer than that!

YourMailingListProvider also offers a free account, allowing you to send up to 1000 emails a month to 1000 contacts. It’s useful if you want a sign up form on your site to harvest contacts, though the free account doesn’t allow you to import your own contacts list.

These two are probably the best free emailing software to go with at the moment.

Email Software that costs a bit

Both the above email clients have paid-for versions which can be worth the money if your mailing list grows. MailChimp’s probably the best as their free account gives you lots of bang for no bucks – and if you want to send more emails to more people, then you’ve a choice of either pay as you go (1.25p – 1.88p per email) or monthly subscription (from £6.27).

YourMailingListProvider’s paid account starts at $2.65 a month for 500 emails so is worth a shot too.

Amazon came to the market recently with Sendy – a self-hosted bulk emailing service at a one-off cost of $59 but the lowest cost per email send.

For a more bespoke solution with some good, user-friendly tools, Dotmailer is a good service that charges a one off fee of £295 + VAT for their standard version then around 2p per email sent.


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