Free File Transfer Software

When you need to send digital files, most of us tend to use email. However, when the files start to get larger than around 10Mb, that’s when you need to look elsewhere.

There’s lots of free cloud storage available these days and most give you the ability to share files from there. But if you’re looking for a solution that simply transfers a file without setting up an email and storage account, then one of these should do the trick.

The biggest capacity free transfer account we’ve found comes from Wetransfer who let you sent up to 2Gb files for free using their very simple web interface – and you don’t even have to register. Nice.

Hightail offers a free account that allows transfers up to 250Mb. You can send 300Mb files with Sendspace on their free, ad-supported account. Transferbigfiles has a 100Mb limit on their free account but allow up to 20Gb on their paid for accounts.


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