Finance and Accounting

There’s heaps of free software for book keeping and accounting out there. Below, you’ll find the best performing and most popular free tools on the market.

Best free financing and accounting software

Postbooks claims to be the world’s No.1 free, open source combined Accounting, ERP and CRM package. It’s available for PC, Mac & Linux.

Adminsoft Accounts is an ad-supported but fully featured and free double-entry accounting system designed for small businesses. It also has a number of industry-specific modules. Available for PC and Mac (under PC emulation only).

Turbocash Accounting is another free, fully-featured accounts package that’s available in 25 languages and covers 80 tax regimes.

Wave is a useful free online tool for personal and small business invoicing, accounting and payroll.

If you like Zoho software, Zoho Invoices is free for 5 customers and is fully featured for handling invoicing & estimates.

Gnucash is totally free and opensource and works on all operating systems.

If you need a simple way to record income and expenditure, VT Cash Book is entirely free but for PC only.

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