Logo and Branding Design

You’d think it’d be impossible to get logo and branding design done for free. And you’d be almost right. But not quite. There are logo editing sites which allow you to enter your company name and build a logo, often in just one or two clicks. If you want something more bespoke, you could hire someone from a budget pay-per-job or pay-per-hour site. Either way, here’s some of the best options we’ve found to get your logo done for free or not very much.

Free Logo Generators/Creators

Cooltext is a free logo creator which you can enter a company name and it’ll create a logo for you at the touch of a button. You can fiddle with a few variables then download a small but usable version of the graphic free of charge. Similarly, Flamingtext allows you to enter your text and get a cool looking logo in just a couple of clicks. For personal use, it’s free, for business use it’s $19.95 a year. Logomaker is a little more complex to use but allows you to create logos and text  together. When done, you can add your logo to your website for free by using their code (or screengrab the logo) but for a higher resolution version, they charge $49. They also give you the option to buy company stationery and promotional items. All three give very passable results that’ll get your company identity up in no time.

Bespoke Design Work

There’s a new generation of websites where professionals (and, it has to be admitted, unprofessionals!) offer their services on a pay per project or pay per hour basis. The great thing about these sites is that you can review the designer’s feedback and samples of their work before taking them on – and they often work for minimal fees. Working up in cost, with Fiverr you pay a fixed cost of $5 for a pre-set service. Generally you can see exactly what you’ll get – if you want more, each supplier has a list of paid-for extras. At PeoplePerHour suppliers offer a fixed price for an hour’s work. You can review samples of their work and see feedback from previous customers. Prices tend to range from £10-20 per hour. At Freelancers you can post up exactly what you’re after and freelancers can apply to do the work for you. Or you can search various freelancers in a variety of fields and pay a fixed project cost.


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