Project Management and Collaboration

Whether you’re managing a project alone, work as part of a remote team or in an office collaborating with a team on a complex project, there are useful and free tools out there to help you keep in control and communicate more effectively with the team.

Trello is a visual way to organise tasks. Think of it as a pin board on your browser but one that updates with live information and that’s accessible to every team member.

Asana is a way to turn email into a project-based, task-driven dashboard that’s accessible to all team members. The free version is limited to 3 project cards.

Evernote is a way to store notes, website cuttings, voice recordings and pictures, tag them with metadata and make them accessible to all your devices. The individual version is free, the team collaboration version has a small monthly charge.

If you’re looking for a team messaging service to replace Skype, Hipchat offers group messaging as well as file sharing and works on all popular platforms and devices. The $2 p/m paid version adds video chat and screen-sharing.

Business collaboration

Of course, if collaborating with the wider business world is your thing, then LinkedIn is the place to be. It offers one-to-one messaging, collaboration with business interest groups and an immense and up to date contacts database – and most of this is available with the free version.

Design collaboration

Invision offers a fully free version of their wireframing/mockup tool. This allows you not only to quickly mockup products, but is also a collaborative design tool used by lots of larger software companies.

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