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Social Media tools are vital for marketing – especially for B2C businesses where they can put you right in front of prospective customers. Most social tools started off free, but in their quest to monetize things, they’re now more freemium than free. But some are free-er than others and some help you manage multiple social media tools in one go.

Free Social Media Tools

Facebook is the daddy – and it’s free to start using. Sign up as you, then create a business page linked to your personal account. It’s free to publish content to Facebook but takes a good deal of work to gain a following and start generating sales.

Twitter allows you to communicate using 140 characters or less. Other users follow you if you post interesting stuff but again, it takes time to generate a following.

If you have access to lots of interesting visual content, try creating a visual bulletin board in Pinterest. Post enough interesting stuff and people will share your pictures and follow your board.

A more B2B-relevant Social Media site is LinkedIn. Essentially, it’s a big contacts database where people can keep their contact details up to date and connect with each other. You can also create a company page and people can connect and follow you. It’s great for targeting prospective B2B customers.

Free Tools to Manage Multiple Social Media Accounts

Once you start using social media, you’ll probably find it useful to manage all your social media accounts in one place. Hootsuite is probably the best free tool that allows you to manage most popular social media accounts and post to them all simultaneously. The free version allows you to manage 5 different social media sites. If you want to manage more accounts or need analytics and reporting, there’s also a paid for pro (£7.19 p/m) or enterprise (£lots more) solution.

Another popular service is Buffer. Like Hootsuite, you can manage multiple accounts for free – one account from each social media account. There’s a (sorry about this) Awesome Plan version for $10 a month which is suitable for a small team and more social media accounts and there’s also a small, medium and large versions from $50-$250 p/m all with expanded functionality.


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