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Computer Tune-up & Maintenance Tools

When a computer’s new, it should run flawlessly. But as you use it and install software and applications, it’ll start to slow down. That’s usually because things like temporary files begin to clog up your hard drives, and registry entries and file links become corrupted or broken.

In these cases, you probably need the help of computer tune-up and maintenance software. These tools remove unnecessary links and corrupt files and attempt to clean your computer’s operating system to return it back to an optimised state. Below are some free tools designed to restore the health of your computer.

PC tune-up and maintenance software

Piriform’s CCleaner is one of the highest recommended tools for PCs. It has a free version and can be set to run in the background to monitor your system and keep it optimised. Similarly, IObit’s free Advanced System Care is great for optimising  and includes a registry cleaner and spy/adware removal tool.

Mac tune-up and optimising software

You can download the free Mac version of CCleaner which is great for optimising your Mac as well as offering online security and cookie management. OnyX is a free utility for verifying startup and system files and system maintenance.

Best free email clients

There are lots of email clients that will allow you to access your business emails. But the best ones are free, work on multiple operating systems, offer extra functionality like storage and the ability to handle large file attachments and can handle multiple email accounts.

Many also offer their own free email addresses. However, as a business, you’ll probably want to buy your own domain name, so you’ll need an email client that allows you to send and receive emails as your own name rather than @gmail.com or similar. If this doesn’t matter to you, then visit our suggestions for the best free email services, all of which include a free email address. For cost effective ways to register your own domain, visit our Web name registration page.

All of the following free email applications offer the ability to read and send emails from your own business web address (your domain name such as @yourbusiness.com).

The big 2 free email clients

Google’s Gmail and Microsoft’s Outlook.com are hybrid solutions as they offer email clients as an app on many platforms as well as access through a web browser. Their free versions allow use of an @gmail.com or @outlook.com email address but also support your own domain name. They’re both great for ease of use, integration with many operating systems and devices, security and price, as well as integration with other online tools such as cloud storage.

Other free email clients

Mozilla Thunderbird is installed onto your computer and includes all the features you’ll need to send and receive emails for your business. It’s free, is available in over 50 languages and works for Mac OS X, Linux and Windows.

If you’d like to run multiple email accounts from one client and have a single, simple interface, Inky is a popular free email client. It’s available for Windows and Mac and an Android version will be out soon.

If you’re after an Outlook-esque email client, then eM Client is a powerful, simple email application that offers easy importing of data from Outlook and has the expected range of contacts, calendar and to do lists. It’s available for Windows only.

Basic Business Software

If you’re setting up a business, you’ll need a basic suite of software that’s cheap (preferably free) and reliable and can grow with the business with the minimum of maintenance.

Below you’ll find links to free software covering all the business basics.

For other software and applications, visit our Software and Apps zone.